Full Time Mechanic On Duty

Rhino Linings of Bristol has a full time mechanic on duty and is ready to meet your vehicle's needs!  Whether you simply need your wipers replaced or your motor/transmission replaced we're here to help!   The following are just a select few services of all that are offered:

 Fuel injection services, headlight refinishing, brakes, oil change, A/C service, alignments, lift kit installation and more!

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Virginia State Inspection, Vehicle Inspection, Inspection Sticker, State Inspection Station, Rhino

Auto Repair & Virginia State Inspection Station

The Virginia Official Motor Vehicle Inspection Program was developed and adopted to promote highway safety. Its aim is to assure that all Virginia registered vehicles are mechanically safe to operate over the highways.

 Our mechanic is certified to perform state and local vehicle inspections!  No appointment needed!

Tires, Flat tire, low air pressure, tire puncture, plug tire, tire tread, tire weights, alighnments.

Tire Services

From a punctured tire that needs fixing to balancing and alignments our mechanic has you covered!

  • Puncture Repairs
  • Balancing
  • Alignments
  • Rotation
  • Air Pressure Check
  • Valve Stem Repair and more!

Friendly service helping you hit the road one tread at a time!

Window Tint, SunTek, Virginia, Rhino Linings of Bristol, Window Film, Automotive windows.

Window Tinting

We have two certified window tint technicians with over 30 years combined experience. Call or message us today to schedule your appointment!